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Vector Arena can accommodate over 12,000 people, and, as New Zealand's largest premier multi-purpose, indoor, all weather arena, Vector Arena is home to a diverse range of entertainment and sporting events.

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New Zealand's biggest city has the most diversities to offer all visitors, and Choice Plaza is right in the middle of it all. There's an incredible range of shopping, dining and entertainment options available including cafés, restaurants and night clubs.

New Zealand's most cosmopolitan city offers a wide range of dining to suit your desires from silver service to fast food.

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The majestic Auckland War Memorial Museum, which is located in the magnificent Auckland Domain probably has the world's best collection of Maori treasures and South Pacific art.

The Museum of Transport and Technology, (MOTAT) is an interactive museum that specialises in the history and contemporary aspects of transport and technology. New Zealand's oldest and largest Art Gallery is right next to Choice Plaza.

The Heritage Gallery, open since 1888, focuses on mainly historical works. The New Zealand National Maritime Museum on Auckland's water front has an extensive display of nautical exhibits and presents NZ´s maritime history.

The Auckland Public Library is directly across the road from Choice Plaza. Albert Park and Auckland University are 5 minutes walk away. Victoria Market and Victoria Park (sports fields & skateboard park) are 20 minutes walk away.

There are great views of Auckland from the top of Mount Eden which is about 45 minutes walk or 15 minutes public bus ride away.

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Albert Park is a beautifully picturesque park in central Auckland between the University and the city centre. A landscaped extension of Albert Park containing seats and fountain lies amongst the row of historic houses on Princes St. It hosts many events throughout the year.

Victoria Park is a park and sports ground not far from the central fish markets of Auckland and opposite the historic Victoria Park Market.

Auckland Domain is a large park popular with locals for sporting and leisure activities. It is also home to the museum and the spectacular botanical gardens.

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This 328 metre tower is the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere overlooking Auckland with spectacular views, a controlled bungy jump, and the death defying sky walk. There is also a free 10-15 minutes movie about origins of New Zealand Maori and European history and volcanic activity around Auckland. Just ask us about it.

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is a unique combination of park and beach perfect for picnics or just relaxing. Fish and Chips and Ice cream are famous treats there.

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24 hours a day, seven days a week. The excitement of gaming is alive at Sky City Casino. On level 2 of Sky Tower, you'll find all the world's favourite table games, as well as more than 1,200 gaming machines. All in one magnificent venue!
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